RocknRolla (2008): Action / Crime / Thriller


A gang of lowlife crooks called the Wild Bunch, with the help of an accountant, steal money from a Russian developer that was meant for a London mob boss who has a drug addict, troubled stepson.

What could go wrong, right?! Storytelling like Guy Ritchie only knows how to deliver! RocknRolla makes it to my list of the top 3 Guy Ritchie films, followed by Snatch (2000) and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998). The editing controls the information exactly as it should have and enhances the humorous side of a British action/crime. Gerald Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Thandie Newton, Idris Elba, Mark Strong, Tom Hardy, and Toby Kebbell work brilliantly together and clash with each other adding 100% A-list British quality acting.

In a different context now… What could go wrong, right?! People! People didn’t bother. I can only assume that one reason is “seen it all before”. But it isn’t. It is snappy, surrealistic, stylish, quirky, Cockney, and adds to the formula. Yet, what was meant to be a trilogy will never be. Our loss. Favourite scene: Robbing the Russians for the second time. Priceless!

Join me in filing a petition for the “Real RocknRolla”!!!

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The Mountain Between Us (2017): Action / Adventure / Drama

The Mountain Between Us.jpg

If you are wondering “why would I watch another survival movie”, here’s simply my take:

The directing / DOP is stupendous. The landscape is phenomenal as the conditions the film was shot under. The lens has captured majestic and mesmerizing scenery that definitely worths your attention. Acting-wise, Idris Elba and Kate Winslet make sure to pass on not only the survival’s despair but also their past’s as well as their future’s.

That said, what gives extra credits to their performance is the fact that a well-worn story needs development outside the box. And this one really needed it. Mentioning that their food supply is next to nothing, a limp, a cougar, a couple of slides, finding shelter, straight hair and still quite well-trimmed beard respectively, falling claiming that they can’t do it anymore but then they keep on walking anyway, and more that I don’t want to give away… don’t make one empathize. I know that it is not appealing for a beautiful couple like them to be shown… doing their need but it’s a survival movie, isn’t it?

So, going back to the original question, why bother? For one last reason; the ending. To find out what, surprisingly, the real mountain between them is.

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