You are about to watch a film. You pick one. You read the logline/synopsis. Seems interesting. Or is it? Check the short and to-the-point reviews, it might be there – may even help you decide. Furthermore, feel free to go a bit deeper with analyses of certain films and series that give insight into the film industry. Lastly, make sure to delve into the abyss of horror with podcasts that explore the genre and its aftershock to the world we live in. May the interviews and short horror stories guide you to the bottomless depths of cinematic darkness.


Kay got hooked on TV and Film production immediately after school. Working and studying it at the same time, he managed to go through various Production and Postproduction stages in the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. After years of work, and after having finished his Bachelor’s in Communication he went to the U.K. to specialise in visual effects by doing his Master’s Degree and by being certified in Video Editing by Apple. In 2011, he won the “Nostimon Imar” Award (Best Greek Director Abroad) for his short film “Ithaca” that he wrote, edited, and directed. The following year, he donated his documentary “Asperger Syndrome: Myths & Reality” to the National Autistic Society in the U.K. Until recently, he was working as Video Editor and Camera Operator in corporate videos, fashion shows, concerts, and documentaries. Now, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Film at the University of Nottingham, reviews and analyses films, and works as a Freelance Columnist and IB Film Diploma Examiner.


Gary Clive is my brother-in-arms! He is the ‘Gaz’ in KayGazPro and without him what you see now wouldn’t have been conceived. I seek his advice in everything I do and he is a part of every decision I make. No matter what I say can give justice to his contribution and this website’s evolution.

Frequent Collaborators

Olga Giovani is a secondary school English Teacher. She is also the Model United Nations Director and Conference Manager of CGS School, in Athens, Greece where she has been working for 5 years. She holds a BA in European and International Studies, and a BA in English Language and Literature with honors (8.3/10). She also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Psychology. She holds a M.Sc. in Health Promotion with Honors (8.7/10) from the Medical School of the University of Athens and has successfully completed the modules required for the M.Ed. in TESOL from the Hellenic Open University. She has also participated in long-term specializing programs on Special Education organized by the University of Macedonia and in the program ‘Certifying Quality in Education’ by the University of Athens. She has served as a Board Member of the N.G.O. TESOL Greece (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) for three years, organizing professional development seminars for Teachers of English to Speakers of other languages in Greece. She is a Certified Adult Instructor for the Greek Ministry of Education with experience in adult education. She has worked as the International Officer and Project Manager of the N.G.O. JEF located in Brussels and has also contributed to the development of the United Nations Global Paradigm on Happiness and Well-Being, as a member of the Scientific Committee. She has participated in and presented at many educational Conferences in Greece and abroad (Czech Republic, Sweden, Bulgaria, Russian Federation, etc.). Her article on how to promote Resilience in Education was published in the Conference Proceedings of the ICT For Language Learning Conference in Florence, Italy. Her research interests revolve around the application of different disciplines in the field of education, which can provide valuable insights towards a better educational experience. https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-giovani-98447421/?originalSubdomain=gr

Michelle Satchwell has been teaching for over 10 years and is the Head of a Psychology, Sociology, and Health and Social Care department in a large school in Derbyshire. She has co-authored a book; Psychology Review: A Level Exam Skills and Practice published in 2020 by Hodder Education. Michelle also currently works with OCR Exam Board and Keynote Educational Speakers, as a Subject Specialist CPD presenter. @mkclive

Aris Lanaridis is a film & media composer, sound designer, and music producer. With studies in performance, composition for film & TV, and sound design, strong passion, and professionalism, Aris creates sonic environments that take visuals to a higher level. He currently lives in London and works as a freelance film & media composer and producer. He is also a lecturer in film composition and production at Leeds Beckett University. His work includes short films, documentaries, promo videos, videogames, theatre, digital theatre, dance theatre, slideshows, audiobooks, and music productions. Aris believes that music is a storyteller and he creates film music that tells stories that match the stories that movies tell. https://www.linkedin.com/in/arislanarides/ https://www.arislanaridis.co.uk/ https://www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/staff/aris-lanaridis/

Ben Parry was born in Derby, England, currently lives in Tokyo, and makes a living teaching his mother tongue to locals. In his spare time, he is a voracious consumer of films and video games. Having learned to more carefully analyse media through studying Film at the University of Kent, Ben also enjoys putting his thoughts into words. Ben recently passed the JLPT N1 and, in his spare time, continues to study towards being a translator.

Dimitrios Tsalkanis is interested in film production & post-production specializing in visual effects and compositing. Furthermore, his interests extend to 3D reconstructions and representations of monuments and archaeological material. He is proficient in editing in Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro. In his work in visual and sound effects, he uses Shake, Adobe After Effects, Motion, Color, SynthEyes, Pro Tools HD, and Logic Pro. Finally, for his 3D design and animation, he uses 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Google Sketchup Pro, Unity 3d. Addition software includes, but is not limited to, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Photoshop. Dimitrios has participated in many video and photography festivals including: i) Athens Video Art Festival (2008), ii) Festival Miden (2008), iii) 1st Prize in the 2010 WPGA Annual Pollux Awards (The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards) in the Macro and Micro Portfolio category, iv) Thessaloniki Photography Exhibition of Greek and Foreign Fine Art Schools (2009), v) Photography Exhibition “Our Ioannina” Kostas Frontzos Museum Ioannina (2010). He has also been researching ways of incorporating 3D technology into archaeology and history by creating educational applications. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimitrios-tsalkanis/ http://www.dimitsal.com/ https://ancientathens3d.com/ https://sketchfab.com/dtsal