Hellbender (2021): Horror

A mother does the best she can to protect her daughter from the world, as it will never be ready for their witchcraft.

Halloween-ish, dark, and cuts right to it. The Adams family and Shudder bring to life a pagan horror that aims to entertain rather than scare. The location is the perfect fit, the questions asked and the way they are answered, and the more questions raised right after also work quite well. The premise is simple and the film is honest.

Wearing the hats of actors, writers, producers, and directors (and more), the Adams family makes a film about the humanistic side of an old witch and her witch-in-the-making daughter and the way they deal with society nowadays. Admittedly, I would expect Shudder to spend a tad more on the project, but this is not the case. The visuals don’t always deliver regardless of the effort put into it.

There is no need to talk about certain flaws. Overall, it’s enjoyable and a good fit for the celebration of the dead. Happy Halloween!

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