Older Gods (2023): Drama/Horror

A man becomes obsessed with the death of his friend and the eerie cult that caused it.

Decent tribute to the man who started it all. H.P. Lovecraft died in poverty as he and his writings were utterly ignored – in life, anyway. In death, he lives in a kingdom of fantastical and horrific riches beyond anyone’s imagination. A kingdom that belongs to a world that is ruled by dark, monstrous, and inconceivably terrifying deities… where the humans are only cattle, and their loving gods are nowhere to be found! That is Lovecraft’s source of immortality and gift to the lovers of primordial horror.

Older Gods deals with the primordial and starts off really well, introducing that compelling darkness that can only make one think if they can conceive the inconceivable. The notion that these gods can permeate our world is what writer/director David A. Roberts teases. Their introduction, their state of existence, and what could have happened to our insignificant (to them) world if they decided to come back is where he succeeds the most. Upon doing that though, he delves a lot into it and tries to convey the abstruse. A verbal explication of that darkness is excessive when images that can capture glimpses of that horror can depict it. Personally, I’d rather be left with (what if) questions rather than spoonfed answers.

Having said that, Older Gods is recommended as anything that remotely resembles Lovecraft’s work – and is presented in a way that represents his unfathomable for the human mind chaos – must be seen by every horror fan!

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