Children of the Corn (2020): Horror

The children of a small town start gradually taking over, wreaking havoc against the adults.

Shame… really! I don’t think anyone expected to beat the original (1984), but Shudder and co-writer/director Kurt Wimmer will make you sigh in disbelief and ask yourselves if Stephen King had anything to say about this. Wimmer tried to dumb it down and verbally explicate what was written as a mystery and left it open to interpretation in 1977. I wish I could really recommend it to anyone, but I can’t.

Anyway, a few years ago, in an attempt to answer why children had been used in horror films over the decades and find their role in them, I interviewed the amazing child psychologist Michelle Satchwell who provided me with answers I shared back then and I am urging you to visit or revisit now: If you are interested in high-quality horrors where children are used as the source of evil or the source of resolution, I would highly suggest The Innocents (2021):

As aforementioned, real shame! Some films should be left alone as they are products of their era. And if the filmmakers are not willing to crack a lot of eggs and find ways to blow their current audience out of the water, they should let the sleeping dogs lie. Kudos to actors Elena Kampouris (Boleyn), Kate Moyer (Eden), Callan Mulvey (Robert), and Bruce Spence (Pastor) for their performances.

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P.S. It is sad because Kurt Wimmer is the writer/director of the amazing Equilibrium (2002).

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  1. In depth review again mate but this one I will leave alone. I have read a lot of Michelle Satchwell’s work work and you are right it is amazing. Thanks mate.

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