Powerful Sequences, Defining Soundtracks

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Below you can find my analysis on soundtracks that have played a catalytic role in constructing powerful cinematic sequences. Some are well known, some not so much, and others, potentially unnoticeable to the vast majority.

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2 thoughts on “Powerful Sequences, Defining Soundtracks

  1. Really enjoyed this you have named some of my favourite films and also some of the best films ever made.
    As a more elderly one of your subscribers I would of chose some older ones as well such as:
    The Magnificent Seven
    Chariots of Fire
    The Great Escape
    Just writing those titles makes me play the music in my head.
    God I love movies.

    1. I will write a second article on that and I will definitely include all three of them. Thank you for these suggestions, much appreciated.

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