Spell (2020): Horror / Thriller

A family of four land crashes over the Appalachian mountains but when the man wakes up prisoner, injured, and alone in a sinister house, he’ll do everything in his power to rescue his family.

Has there ever been a comedy about the Appalachian mountains? Other than it was a horror, I didn’t really know anything about Spell. I thought was going to be about white inbred people who do… what white inbred people do, but boy was I wrong. Imagine a lovely Southern African-American, Christian community except that they are not lovely and they are not Christians. Kudos though to Loretta Devine for her amazing performance.

I think it started off decently and then it became somewhat pointless. Actually, now that I have watched it, I feel like I need to know more about why both black and white are depicted in such manner in these places. On second thought, how do the locals feel knowing that the rest of the world knows nothing about them but the Hollywood version of them?

Regardless, the film has many weak points. Without spoiling it to you, specifically, if I had just realized what I was eating, the film would have played out differently straight away. Overall, everything is laid out for you; nothing is left unexplained. Something that wipes out the mystery and, even worse, undermines the audience’s intelligence. Shame for the film, but also both the Caucasian and Afro-Appalachian people. One day, maybe they’ll make a film on Hollywood based on what they have heard about it. That’s gonna be a comedy/horror I’ll definitely enjoy. I might even kickstart it for them…

Stay safe!

P.S. Must say that my fellow Midlander Lorraine Burroughs looks, as always, absolutely stunning and look forward to watching her in Muscle (2019).

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