Sleep Tight (2011): Drama / Horror / Thriller

Sleep Tight

A janitor of a luxurious apartment building is hell-bent on ruining a young, happy, female resident’s life.

Jaume Balagueró! The director who brought us horrors such as Darkness (2002), Fragile (2005), and [REC] (2007), this time, brings to life something neither paranormal nor gory. Pure. Psychological. Horror. Man’s most disturbing and dark side comes to the surface and that is more terrifying than any zombie or paranormal evil. The amazing Luis Tosar (César) becomes one of the most hated men you have ever seen on your screen and the brilliant Marta Etura (Clara) one of the most beloved girls next door. This extreme divergence will make your heart skip a lot more than a beat as you will be getting this constant urge to warn Clara, stop César, wake her up, get him caught… an urge to intervene somehow anyway!

Sleep Tight is not a film where you are scrolling down on your social media and it just plays in the background. Turn off the lights, put your phone on silent or away, enjoy some good company (including your own), and question your own safety at home.

Now… Do you like odds? I have a good one for you. As per IMDb, 10 days after Sleep Tight was released, Paramount released The Resident (2011) a film with IDENTICAL plot and Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the leading roles. Both are exceptional actors but The Resident is a watered-down, non-daring, Hollywood version of Sleep Tight. Go for the one that does not hold any punches.

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  1. I look forward to seeing this one as you know I love a good horror and you have made this one sound as it should fit the bill.

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