The Nothing (2018): Horror / Thriller

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A recent college graduate who’s lacking inspiration decides to leave everything and everyone behind him and spend a few nights in an unknown forest to… find himself.

I am a huge fan and supporter of indie films, especially the ones that money was hard to come by and the filmmaker is grateful for finally finding some. Having said that, I’m glad that writer/director/actor/producer Clayton Thompson managed to make this film. Unfortunately, the result is utterly unfulfilling, having (the) nothing to offer to the found-footage subgenre – pun intended.

The first act extends from childish to moronic. For a horror/thriller with 80′ duration, the first 20′ are just… nothing. Nothingness keeps prevailing for about 25 more minutes in the second act. So, here we are. More than half-way there. Then, can you guess what’s happening in the last half an hour? Confusion caused by nothing!

Read the logline! The decision to go out there alone, without knowing where that ‘out there’ is, how far away that is from everything, with no means of communication or orientation skills whatsoever, without knowing how any animal sounds like or knowing aaaaanything about survival is probably, by far, the most horrendous idea under the Sun. If the (un)civilised world we live in is not enough for someone to write volumes upon volumes of fiction/non-fiction… a few nights on their own will do f@ck-@ll to their creativity and probably get them killed… by accident.

Just watch The Ritual (2017).

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  1. I have never heard of this one and I’m going to pretend I still haven’t. Thanks for the warning mate and the gift of 80 minutes.

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