I Trapped the Devil (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery

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When unexpectedly visited by his brother and sister-in-law, a paranoid man is left with no choice but to tell them that… he has trapped the devil.

My manager texts me the other night: ‘Hey. Have you watched I Trapped the Devil’? I go: ‘Have I watched what’?! She goes: ‘One word – Weird’! I go: ‘I’m sold’!

So… Producer/writer/editor/director Josh Lobo and actors/producers Scott Poythress, AJ Bowen, and Susan Burke put together an indie horror/mystery that will leave you scratching yourselves. The first five minutes or so, eerie music accompanies every shot of the film when absolutely nothing happens. Then, awkwardness takes over and you can’t help but ask yourselves ‘what was that all about’?! A question that will lead you to Steve’s revelation that he has trapped the devil and will lead the protagonists to the basement where someone is indeed hermetically sealed behind a wooden door with hanging crosses. As you can understand this is when it gets interesting… for a while! The climax takes place when Karen goes by herself to the basement and then the film takes a turn for the… indifferent?

As a huge fan of indie films (of every genre) but also the 80s cult ones, I definitely recommend it because you will want to know which one it is: Is he mad or he has actually done what the title implies? In my opinion, it could have focused on that subject alone and the film would be a nail-biting, psychological vs paranormal experience. Its attempt to epidermically explain evil though fails it with flying colours and leads it to an anti-climactic ending.

Do not take my word for it though. Turn the lights off and try to guess who ‘The Man’ behind that door might be.

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