Don’t Let Go (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery

Don't Let Go.jpg

After his family gets murdered, a disheveled cop receives a phone call from his… dead niece as if nothing has happened.

Jason Blum regained his senses after The Gallows (2015) and The Gallows Act II (2019) and does a comeback with a not so unusual plot but with great execution. Directed by Jacob Estes, Don’t Let Go resembles the plot of Frequency (2000) and The Lake House (2006), adding some fast-paced action. Great acting by all cast but the spotlight belongs to the wonderful Storm Reid.

Come to think about it, the script will never make any sense whatsoever so, don’t think about it, just watch it, and enjoy it. Well-directed, edited and acted, Don’t Let Go will keep you entertained on a night in, therefore get the company you prefer (including your own), sit back, relax and… let go!

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