Brightburn (2019): Horror / Sci-Fi


A young couple who struggles to have a child adopts an alien boy who crash-lands on their farm and proves to be anything but a blessing in disguise.

I’m gonna give it a shot in the dark here. I will speculate within reason but I couldn’t think of it any other way. The film’s origin is common knowledge: DC’s Injustice timeline. DC belongs to Warner Bros. The question that arises is how was Brightburn able to get made without getting a colossal lawsuit from Warner Bros? Here’s where my speculation comes into play. James Gunn asked to produce it only after he signed for The Suicide Squad (2021) – Warner Bros/DC. Which was after he was fired from Disney (and before he was hired back). Warner had no plans for that timeline, they gave it up disguised as an independent project to Sony, there will be no prequel nor sequel, and everyone will be talking about the ending.

Keeping that in mind, the film is brilliant. It cost approximately $6,000,000, it made $32,893,421, and David Yarovesky and the Gunns gave birth to a child that will never grow up to… (watch it to find out). Brightburn is a horror/sci-fi and the haters/doubters should understand that the project has never had a future; neither dark nor bright – pun intended. For both genre fans, the film is a must! Well acted, well-directed and edited, and great visuals. Enjoy the gore!

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2 thoughts on “Brightburn (2019): Horror / Sci-Fi

  1. I really enjoyed this film. It makes a real change to see the main character as not being the traditional goody goody. Brilliant.
    This led me to watch “The Boys” a fantastic anti hero tv series.

    1. You are 100% right. In a world of superheroes, it seems like an early investment in villains. We’ll see where that leads. Looking forward to The Boys (2019) season 2.

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