Light Of My Life (2019): Drama

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In a dystopian future, where half of the world’s population has been wiped out due to a pandemic, a father is doing everything in his power to protect his kid and their secret from people who will hurt them if they find out.

Slow burn indie, thriller/drama in which Casey Affleck, both in front and behind the camera, showing without telling, goes the extra mile to realistically portray a world that whole societies and morals are on the brink of extinction or have already totally collapsed. In that world, where no one is to be trusted, father and daughter need at all times to carefully approach everyone they come in contact with, always assuming the worst.

Be it as it may, one of the most intriguing aspects of the film is that, simultaneously, you trust some people as much as the kid does but you are as suspicious and cautious as much as the father is.

You need to take your time with this one. The little action that takes place is definitely worth it. Think of Light of my Life as if you are envisaging a book you are reading out loud. In the meantime, place yourself in the father’s shoes and wonder… Could I possibly make it?

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2 thoughts on “Light Of My Life (2019): Drama

  1. Sounds interesting and my sort of film. As a Father in our society I only trust very few people completely but you are definitely one of the few.

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