Escape Room (2019): Action / Adventure / Drama

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For a chance to win $10,000 finding their way out of a challenging escape room, six strangers must work together for, ultimately, a chance to save their lives.

Right… So… If you are under 15 y/o: Enjoy the dynamic of the characters, the kind of far-fetched yet enjoyable riddles, and the brilliant production design, art direction, and set decoration.

If you are over 15 y/o: Still watch it if you want to but I would go for something more… extravagant: Cube (1997), The Experiment (2001), Identity (2003), Exam (2009), Triangle (2009), The Killing Room (2009), Coherence (2013), The Belko Experiment (2016).

And these are just on the top of my head. There are dozens more. Two things about Escape Room: On one hand, when the producers imply that there will be more, they shouldn’t be giving away so much information in the end. It destroys the mystery by answering most of the burning questions. On the other hand, if I had to recommend it that would be for… Taylor Russell and Deborah Ann Woll!

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2 thoughts on “Escape Room (2019): Action / Adventure / Drama

  1. We all watched this one the other night and to be honest it had a big thumbs up from everyone.

    1. Enjoyable flick indeed, especially for a gathering. The films recommended though are the respective R-rated versions that give you the goosebumps.

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