Bonded by Blood (2010): Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Third film on the Essex Boys murders after the “Essex Boys” (2000) and the “Rise of the Footsoldier” (2007). And is absolutely brilliant! Gruesome violence, prison, dodgy deals, backstabbings, drugs, guns, vulgar language, and Vincent Regan, Tamer Hassan, Kierston Wareing, and Adam Deacon performing magic on camera. Brilliant year for Michael Socha as well who jumped from this one to “Shank” (2010) and “This Is England ’86” (2010).

According to many (beyond my area of expertise), Essex wasn’t like this in the ’90s, something that was held against the production design. Also, the massive script liberties annoyed certain people as it, allegedly, deviated from what really happened (which is still uncertain anyway).

For all its quirks and foibles, “Bonded by Blood” is very enjoyable and for its budget, it gives you one hell of a ride.

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