Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017): Action / Crime / Thriller

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Remember the “Wedding Crashers” (2005)? “The Break-Up” (2006)? “Couples Retreat” (2009)? Forget about them! And forget about that Vince too! Writer/Director S. Craig Zahler knocks on Vince Vaughn’s door:

S: Hey pal! Fancy making you look like tough as nails? Kick ass like it has never been kicked before?

V: Oh… WOW… How?

S: Right, check this story, yeah? You were a boxer, now you are a mule, and you get arrested. What happens next is a helluva new level of improbability that no one will give two s@£$% as you’ll be bashin’ heads in, smashin’ bones, ripping jaws, and more, with bare hands. What you sayin’, bro?

V. Uhmm… Give me a couple of days to talk about it with Ben (Stiller) while playing dodgeball.

OK… maybe it’s not exactly how it happened. What happened though prior to filming was Vince Vaughn training for 3 months as a boxer putting on fifteen pounds of muscle. And I kid you not, the final cut is an impressively choreographed, R-rated, constant, bloody, brutal brawl that will keep you entertained for over two hours.

Vince Vaughn is an equally brilliant comedian as he is a tragedian. He delivered an astounding performance in “True Detective” (2015) and he does the same here. On the other hand, the writer/director of “Bone Tomahawk” (2015) is an expert in raw violence and, I for one, am really looking forward to “Dragged Across Concrete” (2018).

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