Contratiempo (2016): Crime / Mystery / Thriller


A young, successful businessman teams up with a lawyer who comes to his rescue only three hours before charges are pressed for murdering his mistress.

This is what you are getting into:

  • Twist after twist after twist in a story where truths and lies are deceitful and interchangeable!
  • Numerous vantage points that raise “what happened” and “whodunnit” questions, from the beginning till the end.
  • Missing parts of an intricate puzzle that its pieces are scattered over an uneven canvas.

“Contratiempo” (The Invisible Guest), is a labyrinthine and meticulously crafted journey seeking the truth. Writer/Director Oriol Paulo, following the mind-bending success “El Cuerpo” (2012), sets the foundation, slowly and carefully builds up and unfolds tension, and finishes up with a hair-raising, jaw-dropping third act to remember. Take your hats off to acting, photography, and music. Absolutely blazing!!!

I’m not giving anything away. Get comfy, grab a cuppa/coffee/booze/whatever floats your boat, turn the lights off, your phone on silent and… Shhh! It started…

You can find it here:

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