Searching (2018): Drama / Mystery / Thriller


A parent’s greatest fear!

Having seen his wife losing the battle with cancer, a man does everything in his power to find his missing daughter.

From a storytelling point of view, “Searching” is spot on. Right pace, believable dialogues, attention to details, and twists and turns, all of them keep you on the edge of your seat. Then, John Cho’s performance is outstanding. You feel his agony and pain all the way throughout the film.

From a technical point of view, I prefer the “hand-held” kind of shooting, especially in dramatic situations like this one. Adds a lot more… “depth”. “Searching” is the kind of new sub-genre of films called “Computer-Screen”. Following the path of similar films like “Megan is Missing” (2011) and “Unfriended” (2014), “Searching”  resurfaces the power but also the vulnerabilities of the internet and social media. What’s more, the true naivety in human nature. I hope, at least, watching films like this one, people start thinking twice before the “knight in the shining armour” shows up out of the blue online promising compassion, money, happiness or whatever else the internet predators promise.

“Computer-Screen” sub-genre reminds me of the “Found-Footage” where it started off really well showing tremendous potential but it was then beaten to death in horrors and sci-fi films that were vomiting and the camera-shake made you vomit some more. Just for the sake of “Oh! people like it. Let’s apply it everywhere”. I’ve spoken before about some producers so… Hopefully, with this kind of films, they’ll be more careful even though I sincerely doubt it.

Enjoy Searching before certain people smell its success like flies around s#@%.

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