Kin (2018): Action / Sci-Fi


Mysterious humanoid entities, a vindictive gang, and the authorities are after a young man that just came out of prison and his little brother who is in possession of a hyper-advanced weapon.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that “Kin” is a solid film. So why’s that, uh? Because it tanked! And we won’t see more of it! Homage to “The Terminator” (1984) and “Aliens” (1986) (both by James Cameron), “Kin” flies entirely under the radar and massively underdevelops at the box office. Really shame! I would love to have watched it at the cinema as both the visual and sound effects are imposing but I was totally oblivious to its existence. Well… if it wasn’t for the critics once more I guess. You know what… I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve spoken about it.

And if you are wondering “what are you doing then?”, I’m telling you that I may be reviewing films but it is their intentions that I criticize and I’m after. And “Kin”, even though flawed, it has noble intentions. It is an action/sci-fi PG-13 flick with a relatable subplot, decent action sequences, not original, yet entertaining sci-fi concept, and a whole cast and crew that believes in it and gives it their all. And that includes Mogwai’s brilliant soundtrack.

Feel like staying in? “Kin” is available on DVD and Bluray waiting.

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  1. Yes I agree it wasn’t what I would call a classic by any stretch of the imagination but it did entertain me.

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