Incident in a Ghostland (2018): Drama / Horror / Mystery

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A house invasion causes a mother and her two young girls an unspeakable physical and psychological horror.

Have you ever heard of it? I am afraid it is one of the “limited release” casualties that went under the radar. I guess it didn’t please the right people… but sure hope it scared the crap out of them…

After Martyrs (2008) and The Tall Man (2012), Pascal Laugier comes back with the psychological horror “Incident in a Ghostland”, only to project, once again, his terrifying vision on the darkness of the human psyche. The shock will hit you from the opening sequence. Two brutal invaders attack a mother with her two little daughters the night they move in the house they inherited. I say no more. What follows after, is a constant interchange between drama and horror which leads up to a non-linear, ceaseless, inescapable torture.

Hauntingly brilliant performances, sadistic unfolding, and a breathless twist are solid reasons to spend an hour and a half… in the dark.

P.S. My warmhearted wishes to actress Taylor Hickson who got injured while filming, and received several stitches.

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