The Darkest Minds (2018): Sci-Fi / Thriller


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Here’s what both you and I know: Most kids died and an adult world hunts down and imprisons the remaining ones as they have abilities. Go figure…

I’ll try to be civilized and ask some questions that, hopefully, might get you thinking. When you write and then read a formulaic script that “bad” is not even the word, do you know it? Production-wise, when you force multiracial cast to do better at the box office, how do you feel? In America (obesity’s motherland) how come no one’s fat? Even worse, how come every person on screen could as well be an underwear model? Is this how you need to look like nowadays to be promised a career as a thespian? What is it with Hollywood’s obsession to create glamourized films and franchises where weaponized revolutionary kids fight weaponized conformed kids and a decadent, unreasonably, incomprehensive system – see “The Hunger Games” (2012), “Divergent” (2014), “The Maze Runner” (2014), “The 5th Wave” (2016), now this one…

I find unfathomable beauty in films – Asian, European, American (Hollywood or not) – that don’t have background music all the time to instruct me how to feel. Where their stories leave a lot to the imagination and are open to interpretation. Films that respect principles and don’t use them and abuse them, and monetize them to satisfy pockets. And for the teens out there who fall for these polished, pseudo “I wanna fight fellow teens and government for freedom” bullshit, check out “Battle Royal” (2000) and weep.

If you still want to watch it, you can find it here:

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