Marrowbone (2017): Drama / Horror / Thriller


A Spanish-made, English, period, horror film…

You may be wondering how a haunted house can be scary at all nowadays or what could possibly be new with this genre that has been beaten to death. Well, I for one, ask myself most of the times whose the story is and why it matters. If then the premise is promising, the protagonist is interesting and his story matters indeed, I really pray for a good ending. In cases like this one, a good twist.

At first, it got my attention because it’s an English film, entirely produced and shot in Spain by Spanish. But then, watching what Jack and his siblings have been through, and what they keep going through, made the production fact merely a fun fact. “Marrowbone” is about family sacrifice and unity, and high-price cost. So, it is not about a haunted house but a haunting past that just doesn’t let go no matter what. It is not just a ghost story but a heart wrenching one that can haunt a ghost. It is about life, becoming a relentless, constantly growing, black hole of despair.

And as the story unfolds, and having established that the premise is promising, the protagonist is interesting, and his story matters indeed… comes the soul-crushing ending to fill you with tears.

A round of applause for this Gothic, underrated horror/drama, its cast and crew, and its wonderful actors and actresses.

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