Berlin Syndrome (2017): Drama / Horror / Mystery

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“One of the most transformational experiences” of her life, and “the most liberating film experience” of her career, Teresa Palmer stated. If you have any doubts, her dynamic performance will certainly convince you. On the other hand, Max Riemelt does his absolute best to make you hate his guts. The fierce chemistry between the duo works around the clock, creating a character-study to be put under the microscope. Cinematography gets a 10/10 for delivering the entrapment’s claustrophobic sense in Berlin’s atrocious winter and the direction guides the editing pace carefully towards the unwrapping of Palmer’s emotional roller-coaster.

Could it have been less than two hours? Yes. Could the ending be more satisfactory for the masses? Yes. Could… I’ll stop here. Be patient, try not to be looking for plot holes, imagine that this monstrosity is happening to you or someone you love, put your phone on silent or away, and this psychological turn visceral madness will get under your skin.

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