Before I Disappear (2014): Drama

Before I Disappear.jpg

In 2012, Shawn Christensen writes, edits, directs and stars in his short film “Curfew”. The year after, 2013, one fine day, leaves his house, goes to the Dolby Theatre, collects the Oscar, goes back home and decides to make it a feature. The year after, 2014, he writes, edits, produces, directs, composes, and stars in the feature version of it “Before I Disappear”. Shawn Christensen earned his standing ovations at the film festivals as he did a remarkable job in front and behind the camera.

A grim story where surrealistic antiheroes encounter realistic situations. From bottom-feeders, washed up, and wannabe gangsters, to decadent, self-destructive, hopeless “next door” people… bonding, regret, redemption, oblivion and so much more become the common denominator and compose a virtuoso and hallucinatory piece of work.

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