Hold the Dark (2018): Adventure / Drama / Horror

Hold the Dark.jpg

Following the stupendous performance in “Westworld”, Jeffrey Wright takes us on a journey where a man has to travel to the furthest corner of the Earth (Alaska) to overcome his deepest fears, seek redemption, and explore/discover the abyss of human nature. Alexander Skarsgård is as cruel as they come and gives Wright a lot more than he bargained for.

Dark, allegorical, and mysterious, “Hold the Dark” stands tall to Jeremy Saulnier’s previous films Blue Ruin and Green Room with the DOP keeping it as aphotic as the human soul itself. Not for the mainstream Hollywood film goer! Ιt takes patience and attention. And pay close attention! Every utterance, action, choice, and decision truly matters to the story’s understanding. The devil’s in the details…

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